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Artero Ionized Carbon Ultra-Absorbent Towel
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Artero Item #: ARP418 -

How to Use as a Drying Towel: Wrap the wet area of the animal and apply a gentle pressure, rub until the excess of water is totally absorbed. If the amount of water is bigger than the capacity of absorption of the towel, wring it on top of a container where the excess liquid can fall. The towel will immediately recover its total absorption capacity. How to Use as a Cooling Blanket: For a better cooling effect, soak the towel in cold water and wring until it is wet, but not soaked. Extend on...

Pet-Agree Absorption Towel
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Pet-Agroom Item #: PGTOWEL -

Introducing the new Pet-Agree Absorption Towel! At 25" by 17" - this huge towel will help dry off the largest of dogs! Stock up today!