When you’re looking for incredible power built for small spaces, the B-Air® Flex FX-1 Mini air mover is exactly what you need! When commercial air movers cannot reach into small or difficult to reach spaces, this compact air mover and dryer does the trick. Ideal for drying closets, under counters or in drop ceiling panels.

This unit can be used at three different angles (horizontal, vertical, or 45°) to direct airflow in different directions.

Price: $127.00

    Item #: BAFXBL
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    • Motor 1/4 HP
    • Amps 2.6A
    • Speeds 1
    • Certification: C-ETL-US
    • Stackable: No
    • Daisy Chain: Yes
    • Voltage 115V
    • Cycle 60 Hz
    • Max Static Pressure 2.8″
    • Weight Net/Gr 11/12 Lbs
    • Size (LxWxH) 10.5″ x 10″ x 8.5″
    • Wheel Speed (RPM) 3400
    • Attached Cord 12 FT 14 AWG
    • Available Colors Red / Blue / Green