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Kennel Cards - 3 x 5
Price: $6.29
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Kennel Cards - 4 x 6
Price: $6.79
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Pet-Agree Full Cage Bank - 10/12 Cages
Price: $2,549.95
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Pet-Agree Item #: PGE10/12BANK -

This all-wire, open cage bank includes 2 large cages, 4 medium cages, 4 small cages, and casters.Unique modular cage systems allows you to build a portable kennel to fit your space needs. The combinations are almost endless. Choose between small, medium or large cages to create any configuration you wish. Case banks come with everything you need: pans, grates, dividers, casters, and hardware. Easy to assemble – all you need is a hex wrench (supplied) and an adjustable wrench. Large cages can...