A Breathe Healthy multi-layer, washable, antibacterial, adjustable, "fun to wear" mask, can be worn as a groomer's mask or for general pet allergy protection. It effectively filters hair, most dander, dust, and parasites, and is made with hi-tech materials that wick and repel moisture away from the face, allowing for greater long term comfort. Our masks can be worn for an extended period of time without getting unbearably hot and are available in a variety of pet friendly designs.Breathe Healthy Masks Specifications:Filters down to 1.0 microns and helps to protect against pollen, pet hair and dander, dust, bacteria, and airborne cold and flu germs.  Treated with a hospital safe, non-leaching, non-allergenic antimicrobial that kills germs and lasts for the life of the mask Plastic encased, stitched-in, padded nose form to help "seal" the mask and prevent fogging of glasses Special lining that wicks and repels moisture away from the faceNon-latex elasticized sides to help assure a flexible good fit Soft fabric ear-loops with an adjustable slide to provide a custom, comfort fit (no elastic cutting into your ears) Washable - depending upon use, can last as long as your favorite t-shirt Masks are a nylon/polyester/cotton blend. Suitable for persons with latex allergiesManufactured in the US
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