Author: Sam Kohl. The most concise, to-the-point guide to creating and operating a pet grooming business. Whether it be home-based or a multi-employee shop, The Business Guide to Pet Grooming, is your one-stop reference to planning, building, and managing an extremely successful grooming operation. With 336 full-color pages, 190 photographs, and 77 illustrations, it is an absolute essential read for every budding groomer-entrepreneur. Experienced shop owners will also find this book extremely useful as it includes strategies for growing and expanding an existing grooming operation. Topics include: naming a shop, locating a shop, financing, preconstruction design, insurance, lighting and electrical needs, flooring, plumbing, sanitation, signage, grooming equipment, employee management, business forms and records, advertising and marketing, appointment management, pricing, handling and control of pets and their owners, retailing, mobile grooming, dog day care, self-service pet washes and providing upscale services.
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