Reduces the bite radius by 90%, stops the spinners, stops the head droppers, stops strugglers, calms aggressive dogs and reduces stress. Pet cannot fall off or back-off the table or hang no more chewed loops.Starter SetAnimals: Dogs OnlyPositions: Standard position onlyIncludes: (1) Groomer's Helper, (1) Grooming Loop, (1) Table Clamp & VideoProfessional SetAnimals: Dogs and catsPositions: No-sit, cross-tie, no-grooming arm & standardIncludes: (2) Groomer's Helpers, (2) Grooming Loops, (2) Table Clamps, (2) Mini Arms & VideoAlso: Stops sitters, allows face work away from grooming arm, cross-tie cats, can be used on (2) tables at one timeUpgrade SetPurpose: Upgrades Starter Set to Professional SetIncludes: (1) Groomer's Helper, Extra Arm & Clamp set, & Video***ITEM IS DROP SHIPPED FROM THE MANUFACTURER ~ PLEASE CALL 800-734-4228 FOR FREIGHT QUOTE
Price: $399.95

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