• Spray conditioner created to help remove mats and knots more quickly and gently. 
  • Saves time, money, and coat!
  • Thanks to the non-greasy, antistatic formula, this conditioner aids brushing and leaves the coat silky smooth.
  • Before the bath, spray directly into matt/tangles until wet to the touch. Allow to sit in coat for 20 seconds to have best results. Brush out matts using our specially designed Double-Sided Flexible Slicker, available in Small and Large sizes. Brush and be amazed!
  • Can also be used as a brushing spray, but be sure to only use a fine mist. Using more than a fine mist requires being washed out, as it is a very moisturizing de-tangler.
  • and is safe for cats.

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    • Protein Conditioner - For serious matting cases, add a little protein in with the Matt-X and remove matts with ease.
    • Overall Customer Rating of 1 Reviews:
      Lenoir City, TN

      Good product for de matting.

      I used this on a Bichon that has a soft cottony type coat. She was extremely matted after a bath in product that should have loosened her mats. After I dried her, I tried combing out and the hair would not loosen easily, causing her distress! A few shots of Mattex to the affected area, I was able to comb thru her coat easily. It did not kink up the hair either, so I could could do her scissored-finish without rebathing and drying!